Sista Dee

About me

Hi my name is Sista Dee.
I am of Irish / Caribbean heritage.

My early teens brought me to London, but finding London too cold I headed south with my son, (Liam who raps on 'War Perception'), arriving in Gibraltar in 1981.

I later met and fell in love with my husband, Leslie, and had two daughters, Shimarlie and Ashakylie.

I was well into my Reggae and Soon in my youth and grew to love the passion of the Arab / Andalusian (Spanish and Arabic combined) guitar and thought, "What if I created a fusion of my favourite cultures?". And so was born the 'Wise Up' Album.

This album contains one or two fun tracks like 'Some Awine' and 'Mi Cuddley' but, on a more serious note, this album is also a protest against one nation's culture or one religion trying to impose their will on another.

This is also a spiritual album to encourage us to look within, to question and to recognise our ability and responsibility to change the world.

"You are contagious

That is your gift. Use it wisely. Wise Up"

signed- Sista Dee